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Sharing the SoundCircle of Sound is a world-wide family of people using crystal singing bowls to create a unique and powerful vibration and a very special combination of frequencies with the intention of raising the Vibration of the Whole. Circle of Sound began with the intention of balancing the energies of Heaven with the energies of Mother Earth, which remains the foundation of all our work. We play in Harmony with the Angels who long ago sang: "Peace on Earth, Good-Will to All."

The idea of the Circle of Sound Project is to unite in consciousness as many people around the world as possible and to use this power to influence the consciousness of humanity. We believe that the power of our united thought has never yet been fully utilized and as we begin to use it, we are changing the world into what we want, one of Peace and Harmony. We use the sacred sounds of the crystal bowls to amplify the power of this united consciousness. You can see and hear Daniel Brower, founder of the Circle of Sound, explain this in this video now on the web:


Circle of Sound is the only group of crystal bowl players in the world who unite regularly in ceremony to elevate the consciousness of humanity! We welcome all bowl players everywhere to join us.

The Circle of Sound family now extends across the planet with circles in over thirty-five countries, from Argentina to Russia; in most of the European countries; in Egypt and South Africa; in most the countries of South America; in Mexico and Costa Rica; in Hawaii and many of the states of the USA; in England, Scotland and Ireland; in Australia, Thailand and more. Most of the regular participants in our ceremonies around the planet are listed on our page Contact COS (<<click here to see them). Many of these Circle of Sound members work with the healing potential of sound and host individual sacred sound ceremonies and sessions. They have learned much from playing the bowls and are sharing this and these crystalline sounds with many people. Every Equinox and every Solstice we all play together in the Global Harmonization Ceremony (<<click here to learn more),which is the principal focus of Circle of Sound activities since September of 2005. On this page you can read about the beginning of this project and see photos of some Global Harmonization Ceremonies held in the past, including photos from the four World Gatherings of Circle of Sound held the last four September Equinoxes in Capilla del Monte, Argentina; Lake Titicaca, Peru; Alto Paraíso, Brazil; and by the Black Sea in Russia.

World Gathering 2015 flyer


The Circle of Sound welcomes all people, with or without crystal bowls, to attend and receive the beneficial frequencies produced during our ceremonies and activities. Please see the Circle's Events (<<click here) page for a schedule of upcoming ceremonies and dates. After the list on the Events page of the ceremonies planned for 2013, there is a Past Events (<<click here) section with information and photos of some of our past ceremonies around the world. And if you travel to the end of this page you will find the Joy (<<click here) section and learn about how we are also promoting the Cosmic Clown Society wherever we go! With photos of many of the clowns that join us in ceremony!

The primary instruments used in a Circle of Sound are crystal singing bowls. Various other instruments are also used which harmonize with the sounds of the crystal bowls, like the didgeridoo and the human voice. The main emphasis when we play is to generate a harmonious, balanced and conscious sound. We usually play in a circle configuration. Some circles consist of a set of seven crystal bowls or more, sometimes with hundreds of people attending the ceremony. Some circles consist of one or two people and a candle. Other circles consist of all variations in between. The common ingredient is a united consciousness focused on the same intentions. We use the power of our sounds to amplify the power of our united thoughts.

One central focus of the Circle of Sound is to promote the Global Harmonization Ceremony (<<click here) every Equinox and Solstice, when the Circles of Sound established in various parts of the world come together on the same day, sometimes at the same hour, to generate the unique vibrations and sounds while we focus together on the same intentions. Usually these intentions, held in united consciousness by people all around the world and amplified by the power of the sounds of these circles, are: Harmony, Acceptance, Unity, Joy, Compassion, Love and Appreciation among all beings of the planet. It is a very powerful experience that is growing with each ceremony, with each season, as more players join the Circle of Sound continuously. We began this ceremony in September of 2005 and we intend to continue to hold it every Equinox and Solstice for the next few generations until and beyond the time when we have manifested Peace and Harmony on this wonderful planet Earth. We invite people in all locales around the world to join us. To see a slide show of photos of some of the past ceremonies held around the world, go to this site:

Peace Prayer Ceremony

A new project for Circle of Sound is our Global 432 Ceremony (<< click here to learn more) which has to do with fine-tuning our crystal bowls to frequencies that are in Harmony with the vibrations of the planet = the 432 musical scale. The frequencies of this scale resonate on a wave length that has not been heard on the earth for about seventy years, and has never been heard before from the crystal bowls. We believe that sounding these 432 frequencies with the bowls can help return the beings of the planet to a more harmonious and balanced state of being. The new goal of Circle of Sound is to have a Global 432 Ceremony when many, many crystal bowls around the planet are generating these celestial frequencies at the same moment in time, like we do with the Global Harmonization Ceremonies. Eventually we will incorporate the 432 frequencies into this ceremony that we have been doing since 2005. Playing these sounds on the crystalline web or grid circling the planet, vibrating with these frequencies we can help co-create the New Humanity sooner than later. All are welcome to join this project also. On this page are facts about the benefits of the 432 musical scale and information about how to tune the crystal bowls with water to generate the desired frequency.

Circles of Sound are now well established in many very special sites around the world with players ready to participate in our ceremonies. More and more players are tuning their bowls to the 432 frequencies. There will be a Global Harmonization Ceremony happening at these special spots and many others around the Earth every Solstice and Equinox and on some special days, as indicated on the Events (<<click here) page. When the Circles' vibration is generated at all these spots simultaneously, an important and powerful shift in energy for the planet occurs. Our intentions ride the sound waves into the furthest realms of the Uni-Verse and the vibrations extend down to Mother Earth’s crystal core center. Nothing is ever the same! And the more people that unite with us, the more powerful is the ceremony. Our family grows with every season.


World Circle

next oneDaniel Brower is founder and director of Circle of Sound, a non-profit, non-political, non-religious organization based in Capilla del Monte, Argentina. Daniel has traveled to many different countries over the last seven years promoting Circle of Sound and the Global Harmonization Ceremony. He has delivered sets of crystal bowls to the seven principle countries of this project, where we now have a Circle of Sound established to participate in the ceremony regularly: Argentina, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Egypt, Russia and France. In the September 2008 Equinox ceremony the goal of this project was realized with Circles of Sound in all these seven primary sites participating in the ceremony at the same time. Daniel has written a book, Circle of Sound, Getting Out of the Way, about the evolution of this amazing project that is available at .

After many years of traveling and living outside the United States, Daniel is now based in Capilla del Monte, Argentina, where he is offering opportunities to experience the sacred crystal sounds in many ways. He is now dedicated to playing crystal bowls finely attuned to the frequencies of a 432 Hz reference musical scale and promoting this sound around the world. He works closely with the Crystal Orchestra 432 in Capilla del Monte, the only orchestra of crystal bowls in the world playing with this sound.

In the process of delivering the crystal bowls to these different sites and teaching people how to play them in the Harmonization Ceremony, Daniel has also initiated hundreds of people along the way into the Cosmic Clown Society. Most of these clowns are regular participants in the ceremonies. You see, we believe that a ceremony can be very powerful and effective without having to be so serious! We feel that it is important to enjoy our ceremonies and amplify the intention of JOY!!! You can meet some of these clowns at this site:

We now have a world-wide family firmly established to participate in this ceremony regularly, and in other ceremonies that we promote occasionally. There are always more ideas and opportunities to utilize our sounds and united conscious for other projects. All contributions to the cause of spreading and sharing these sacred sounds and ceremonies around the world and to the future projects for Circle of Sound are greatly appreciated. Donations can be made via the yellow box below.

Circle of Sound, offering high Vibration activities and ceremonies to

to elevate the consciousness of humanity!


Welcome and enjoy our Circle of Sound!

Sharing the Love © Shelley Tucker
Sharing the Love
The Circle of Sound Mission

The Circle of Sound will be shared wherever it will be of benefit for the people and the planet.  The people involved with producing the Circle of Sound are committed to the realization of our full potential as human beings and to the awakening of as many beings as are ready and willing.  We believe in the power of our prayers and intentions, especially when they are broadcast to the Universe by the power of the Circle of Sound.
Your donation to support the Circle of Sound will be greatly appreciated. 

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